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Buddy's Clues Academy A new Russian/English day care center in Sheepshead Bay opened its doors on November 9, 2009. Buddy's Clues Academy (2109 Avenue V) promises to educate children in basic reading, writing, and arithmetic’s; the three R’s every growing kid needs. Buddy's Clues will also offer instructions in music, arts, crafts and speech, and will host birthday parties.
Individual approach There are no translations available. Specific attention is paid in the Kindergarten "BUDDY'S CLUES" to development of individual characters. Educators and teachers work with every child on an individual schedule, in accordance with his (her) own talents and interests.
Proper nutrition There are no translations available. Children need not only to replenish reserves of energy, but also to grow and develop intensively. Obviously, the lack of any nutrients can affect growth retardation, physical and mental development, as well as violation of the formation of skeleton and teeth. This is particularly true of children of primary school age.
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  • To get information.
  • To get education.
  • To be loved and cared.
  • To get medical help.
  • To get recreation and enjoyment.
  • All children are equal in their rights, nobody must violate them.
  • No child must be forced to work.

PRE-SCHOOL CHILDHOOD - a period of personality formation. While realizing his(her) ego, the child shows first signs of self-establishing.Our pedagogical team is to help a pre-school child enter the modern world and realize his(her) own self.Every child is unique. We must save this uniqueness and create favorable conditions for self-realization. The main task of an educator is to fill children's everyday life with interesting doings, ideas, and to involve each child into creative activity.We give a child offers, but don't enforce them; we give advices, but don't insist.We permit almost everything that doesn't hurt child's health and feelings.

Age from 6 monthsto 1 year Individual work with every child. Games – Classes
Age from 1 year to 2 years Two classes daily. Speech development, acquainting with surrounding world, nature – three classes weekly. Classes with didactic material and toys – three. Classes weekly. Development of movements – two classes. Music – two classes
Age from 2 years to 6 years Acquainting with surrounding world. Speech development and preparing to grammar lessons. Russian and English language classes. Development of cultural and hygienic habits. Development of primary mathematic ideas. Descriptive arts (Drawing: water color, gouache, pencils, color chalks). Modeling: plasticine, paste, clay. Applications: color paper, natural materials. Literature classes (Folklore and fairy tales). Speech development: references on persons, retelling. Acquainting with various literature genres: fairy-tales, fables, short stories, verses, proverbs and sayings. Music classes. Physical training. Topical days and weeks. Design, hand-working.

WORKING HOURS — from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Children from 6 months to 6 years old are admitted.
  • Tasty home-made meals (three times a day), including fruits, vegetables and juices.
  • Children are grouped in strict accordance with the age.
  • Universal teaching and development of children are guaranteed.
  • Individual logopedics classes available, if needed.
  • Special walking ground available.
  • Transportation.
  • Professional pedagogical work.

Pre-school age is the life's foundation. Good conditions for children is relief for parents

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